Tulsa QuickBooks Training

The small independent business person does not start a business to keep records, but will surely fail if he/she doesn't do so.

What is the solution? First ask yourself, "Can I do all the marketing, managing, etc., and still have time for bookkeeping?" Is my time and effort best focused on operations? Will I do better, doing what I do best - running my business if I hire the bookkeeper's expertise.

We believe the small business or professional's time is better utilized running their business. For example, if a dentist had to make a choice between working a four hour morning in his professional capacity or tending to bookkeeping functions. Let's also assume he will make a minimum of $150 an hour and that he can pay an independent bookkeeper $50 an hour for those four hours. The math clearly shows he will be $400 ahead by running his business and not doing the bookkeeping. This same analysis is true for other small professional businesses whether it be an attorney, plumber, heat and air, or electrician. Basically, as long as the self-employed professional or self-employed business person can generate more than $50 an hour, it makes more sense to outsource bookkeeping.

At Glass Tax Service we can do all your bookkeeper/accounting requirements. Our services are tailored to fit your needs. The professionals at Glass Tax Service, www.glasstaxservice.com, have the credentials and expertise to do it all.

Glass Tax Service offers consulting services, audit representation, payroll services, and bookkeeping services. We can help you decide what entity to choose, and we offer Tulsa QuickBooks Training.

We know the numerous dates that reports are due and when you need to make payments to various government entities.

We look forward to discussing our Tulsa tax services with you and offering the benefit of our years of experience in the tax business.