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Tax Problems can refer to any type of problems taxpayers are having with the IRS or state tax authority (Oklahoma Tax Commission in Tulsa, Oklahoma). These problems may include garnishments, levies, liens, back taxes, and interest owed, haven't filed a tax return, haven't concluded your Business Tax Preparation, haven't paid your self-employment taxes, can't pay your installment agreement.

The IRS selects tax returns which, upon preliminary inspection, have high audit potential. Your chances of needing audit representation are higher if you fall into any of the following categories:

  • High Wages
  • Large amounts of itemized tax deductions
  • self-employment
  • home office tax deductions
  • unreported alimony
  • unreported taxable income
  • automobile logs for people who use their car in business.

As your Tulsa Tax firm, we will we will be your advocate and provide you rigorous representation.



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