Audit Representation




Bring the letter along with the tax return in question to our office. We will quickly give you a FREE professional assessment as to what the Notice means. If the Notice requires a simple response we handle this free of charge if we prepared your tax return. Generally, an inquiry will entail further work. We will help:

  • research any issues involved;
  • assist in identifying and assembling required documents;
  • review your return and records to assess the accuracy of any adverse position against you in the Notice;
  • guide you in a response that presents your position in the best possible light;
  • prepare the response and send to the IRS.


The Notice you receive may not be an inquiry that can be handled by mail. The IRS may want to conduct a full audit and is planning to have an auditor meet with you. We strongly recommend that you NOT go it alone. You have the right to have audit representation - use that right and do NOT personally meet with the IRS.

Keep in mind the tax auditor is a specialist. It is an uneven match and you could innocently say something that sends the auditor onto a path that could complicate your life. Once you say something you cannot take it back.

The single largest source for initiation of criminal investigations is tax auditors that become suspicious. Most criminal investigations, which take months or even years and wreck havoc on your life, do not result in the IRS successfully prosecuting you. However, this is an experience you do not want to endure.


We represent our client not the IRS! We will not do or advise you to do anything that is dishonest or that we believe will lead to unnecessary scrutiny. Our approach in dealing with the IRS is to be responsive and straight forward. However, at the same time we remain your advocate and provide you rigorous representation.