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As full service tax preparers, we provide tax expertise and use comprehensive commercial based tax software for tax return preparations. Our expertise tax preparer services include gathering and compiling tax documentation and understanding the application of the Tax Codes to your individual situation. This gathering and compiling of tax documentation begins with you. How well you keep records has a significant impact on the cost to do your tax return. We are here to help you save on this cost. Visit our Tax Center for worksheets and a tax organizer that can be beneficial.

We, as your Tulsa Tax firm, have decades of combined experience as tax preparers of individual and small business tax preparations ranging from simple to complex. From the start, we will ensure we have all the documents, records, and information to provide you with a correct tax return.

As a Tulsa tax service, we don't expect our customers to be as tax savvy as a tax preparer. However, we do want you to understand your personal tax return. We furnish you a file copy, review the complete tax return with you, and encourage questions.



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