Tax Preparation

Tax preparations is at the core of our tax practice. We have decades of combined experience in individual and small business tax preparation ranging from simple to complex. We are an authorized e-file provider and include this service free of charge.

Gathering and compiling tax documentation begins with you. How well you keep records has a significant impact on the cost to do your tax return. We want to help you save on this cost. On our Tax Center Tab we have worksheets and a tax organizer that can be beneficial. We will also conference with you at the start to ensure we have all the documents (W2s, 1099s, 1098s, etc), records, and information to provide you with a correct tax return. When we say correct that also means you receive all deductions and credits available to you.

We provide tax expertise and use comprehensive commercial based tax software. Our service includes gathering and compiling tax documentation and understanding the application of the Tax Code to your individual situation.

We don't expect our customers to be tax savvy. However, we do want you to understand your personal tax return. We furnish you a file copy, review the complete tax return with you, and encourage questions.

We do prepare tax returns on a one-time assignment; however, the better we know you the more efficient we can be. 



Have you let your taxes get away from you? Maybe you need more time - we can file for an automatic six month extension. If your tax returns are already past due, we can bring you into compliance. It is far better to file a late tax return than wait until the IRS accuses you of FAILURE TO FILE.


It happens. Maybe you filed before all W2s or 1099s were sent to you, or you discovered a deduction you forgot. We can correct this by filing an amended return for you.


Maybe there is something about a past tax return that you are concerned about but afraid to correct for fear of retribution from the IRS. Let's discuss your concerns. If necessary, it is better for you to make it right with an amended return before the IRS accuses you of FRAUD.